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What We Recycle

What do we recycle?

Ronson Recycling processes a broad range of Styrofoam, plastic foam products ,and other plastic items, including:

  • All types of EPS and XPS plastic foams

  • Non-food Styrofoam packaging

  • EPE and EPP foam packaging for electronics, furniture, and automotive parts

  • Large-scale fabricated foam, such as film sets, props, and themed environments

  • Boat docks and other floatation foams

  • Roofing insulation

  • Insulating wall board

  • Flexible foams, including post-industrial seat cushioning and other furniture

  • Styrofoam and plastic foam manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of Styrofoam and plastic foam products

  • Appliance and furniture distributors

  • Schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions

  • Retail distribution and packaging companies

  • Manufacturers of roofing insulation & roofing contractors

  • Hotels and apartment complexes

  • Municipalities and landfill operators

  • Other commercial and industrial foam waste producers

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